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Weddings are serious business, but even the best-laid wedding plans can lead to last-minute changes. Regrettably, that’s one of the last things that anyone should be worried about on their special day.

MotionDen’s online wedding video maker makes it easy to relive your special day with memorable and beautifully-made wedding video templates, fully customizable to your heart’s desire.

Our wedding video maker is for those that know how to make wedding videos, as well as for those that don’t. We remove the guesswork from customizing, formatting, and putting the finishing touches on your wedding videos.

Why fumble around for hours on iMovie when you can get a stunning video completed in as little as 5 minutes.

Create beautiful wedding memories by crafting one of a kind wedding videos, right now, no credit card required.


Summertime offers beating soft lighting during transitions. Your text collects over parts of the screen allowing different perspective. This template is perfect to reminisce over wonderful memories.


Wedding Video Maker

Wedding videos are the icing on the cake which helps us make our client wedding events special and memorable. With MotionDen's wedding video maker, we're now able to produce these beautiful videos online even with no prior experience in video editing.

Laura Melendez

Wedding Planner, Sara Renee Events

Types of wedding videos you can make

Wedding Slideshows

Put together a quick, simple, but stunning video highlighting some of the best stolen moments during the build-up to the wedding and its aftermath. Make the most out of every image and let everyone play their part in contributing images that tell the story of the bride and groom's road to happiness.

Wedding Video Recap

Savor the emotional moments of affection, from family, friends, and the couple themselves with a wedding video recap that includes everything from vows to the walk down the aisle, to family reactions.

Save the date video

Long before the wedding itself, it's important to send out invitations that stand out.  Wedding season can be a competitive time. If you want to make your special day connect with those you love that want to come, nothing gets it done like a Save The Date video filled with the important details with a bit of flare.

Rehearsal/reception dinner

Rehearsal dinners are always the warm-up for what is to be an interesting highlight of the wedding.  Have the chance to see initial meetings between different family members, groomsmen, bridesmaids, and more. Also enjoy the reception dinner itself with a video filled with speeches, toasts, and occasionally off-kilter jokes.


The moment that started it all. Cherish this piece of time by linking together images and videos of the lead up to the proposal itself, and the reactions in one quaint video.

Bridal shower

Often filled with drinks, tears, laughter, and a bit of drama, the Bridal Shower is an event not to be forgotten.  

Honeymoon recap

The fun doesn’t stop when the wedding does. Share with loved ones and friends the highlights from a Honeymoon that is to die for.

Save the moments you want to remember forever

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is priceless.

While wedding photos can capture a brief moment, they can rarely capture the mayhem, warmth, and fullness that a video can.

We understand the impact, the weight, and the beauty that happens on one’s special day. It’s a crucial moment in which two lives become one, and from that, a whole new adventure unlike anything before unfolds.  

Our video maker helps ensure that adventure is chronicled and is as easy as possible to share by removing the headaches and heavy time investment.

With an easy to use interface, easy to follow instructions and amazing customer support, you’ll share the perfect wedding slideshow video without breaking a sweat.

Make Personalized Wedding Video To Suit Any Occasion

There is no limit to the creativity that you can put into your video using MotionDen's video maker for weddings. Whether you want to inject a bit of your favorite music as a background music or customize the texts and fillers between clips and pictures, the choice is yours.

No two weddings are the same, and for that reason, we focused on putting together the most complete range of tools and options possible to make it as accessible and as useful as possible for expressing any unique experience.

With easy-to-edit templates fully customizable via the cloud, the only thing you need to focus on is your creativity.

Let a beautifully-made wedding video tell the story for you

Amongst the promises, the excellent food, and dancing throughout the night, there is always just one thing that remains at the end. The love between the married couple, and the love all their guests feel for them.  

But, not everyone who cares can always attend.

Whether because of work, delays, or other problems, they are forced to miss one of the most important days in their loved one's lives. Wedding videos aren't just for reminiscing; it's for those too sick, or unable to see it live as well.

In a time where social media is everything, a video goes a long way to keeping distanced loved ones in the loop.

It’s a chance to let the moment spread and live on, as others experience for the first time, whether within days after, years, or decades later.

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